MORNING COFFEE #4: Huge Changes

We haven’t seen each other for a while. But for a good reason. I was super busy with super exciting things!

Prague calling

I suppose, my foreign readers don’t know I live in a small village in the Moravian-Silesian Region. And it’s something I fail to come to terms with. I need a town. Not a city but a bigger town. In the beginning of the quarantine, we wanted to move to my beloved Zlin where I used to study and live before I moved to Prague in 2016. Zlin is such an amazing place with beautiful architecture, greenery all around and everything you need within walking distance. I call it my private heaven. Nice plan, bad time.

So our idea didn’t work. But! One day I was wondering I should ask my friend how she is ’cause we weren’t in touch for months. That same day she sent me a message with the same question and what more – she told me she is about to move to Canada for a year and asked me if I want to rent her flat in Prague until she comes back! Can you believe I am so lucky? Me neither. Details are under negotiation but if everything goes well, I’ll become a Prague citizen during this autumn again. Keep fingers crossed!

Back to school, girl!

In the middle of January, I decided to send an application to the Tomas Bata University. That time I just wanted to try it. But the closer the examination date was, the more I wanted to grab the place there. One thing is I really want to study the field (Marketing Communications) but there are other aspects. I want to move somewhere in my life, experience something new and prove to myself that I have what it takes. So the very last day before the entrance examination, I went through questions again and again like crazy.

July 27. My moment of truth. I hardly believed I was so nervous! It wasn’t about anything but I couldn’t help myself. I heard some other applicants say they didn’t prepare themselves at all. The more like you, the better, I thought. I went through the test surprisingly fast. I came across some questions I really didn’t expect but when the time was out, I didn’t feel bad. Not sure but bad neither. Not to bury my hopes, I didn’t control my answers and din’t want to talk about them at all until the results came.

August 6. Results were announced. And I did it! Because of some featuring things I didn’t enjoy it in the right way but yes, I am happy for this opportunity and can’t wait to pick up my student ID! And receive my master’s degree in two years, of course.

Dancing in the book rain

This summer is full of dancing, reading and writing for me. And I love it. Living all these fictional stories feels like living multiple lives at the same time. Dancing keeps me away from nightmares and back pain, helps me with concentration. Dancing is a huge part of my heart and my past before the diagnosis. So this return to roots takes me back to my childhood.

So I should recommend you something to read and dance classes, right? “Surprisingly,” I have to suggest anything by Colleen Hoover whose stories are amazing! Then I adore the After serie by Anna Todd. In fact, I have no idea why but I spent with Hessa every single free second I had till I finished the fourth book.

My dance steps are usually led by Jessica B. James. She shares cardio dance choreographies which are funny, energizing, lively and pretty sweaty. Look at me bellow!